BioBalance 5-HTP 100 mg


Prices are effective until July 31, 2024.

Influences serotonin and melatonin levels

100 mg | 100 capsules

o Influences serotonin and melatonin levels
o Helps improve general mood and sleep cycles
o Regulates and helps control appetite

Brand:: BioBalance


5-HTP offers numerous benefits as the direct precursor to serotonin, and important brain neurotransmitter essential for melatonin production, appetite control and mood regulation. 5-HTP is a natural compound biologically present in the body, well absorbed orally and is not affected by other amino acids.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or diagnosed with any illness, consult your health care practitioner before taking any nutritional supplement.

To ensure balance of essential and non-essential amino acids, testing for Amino Acids levels in the body is recommended.

*Keep the product out sight and reach of children.
*Store in a cool, dry place at temperature not exceeding 30ºC.


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