Sleep Analytics

Sleep Analytics


How to prepare for a sleep study?

• Wake up early. Don’t take a nap on the day of the sleep test
• Be active during the day but don’t engage in sports or other exhausting activities 6 hours before the sleep test
• Don’t take caffeinated and alcoholic drinks such as coffee, tea, and beer 6 hours before the sleep test
• Shower and shampoo your hair clean but avoid putting any gels and creams. Do not use any facial creams and lotion
• No make-up or jewelry is worn and no creams or lotions on your face and body
• Take your prescription drugs (e.g. antihypertensive, antidiabetic, vitamins) but no sleeping pills or sleep supplements
• If using reading glasses, please bring them to fill out the form before the test
• Bring reading materials or other items to pass time before bedtime (preferably not gadgets such as iPads and tablets)

Sleep Risk QuiZzz

Do you doze off or sleep unexpectedly? Are you or is your partner bothered by your snoring? Don’t sleep on a problem. Take a quick self-quiz to find out if you are at risk.

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Portable Sleep Test

Start your journey to better sleep by booking a Portable Sleep Test with us.

1. Consult a Sleep Specialist. Schedule a sleep specialist consult by contacting us on ViberMessenger, or email. You’ll then receive details to confirm the date and time of your sleep specialist consult. During the sleep specialist consult, the doctor will verify whether or not a Portable Sleep Test is the best path of care for you.  You will be charged the full cost of P10,000 if prescribed a Portable Sleep Test.

2. Get the Portable Sleep Test. We will deliver a portable sleep device at the safety of your home. Our devices are sanitized before and after every use. You may watch our video to know how to use the device. Our sleep tech can “demo” for you live online.

3. Receive Sleep Test Results. Once the doctor has reviewed your report, within 1-3 working days you’ll receive an email regarding your results and your next steps. Depending on your sleep test results, you may be prescribed an APAP machine, require further testing, or get confirmation that your sleep test results were normal.

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Full Sleep Test

The irony: a Full Sleep Test or Polysomnography (PSG) is usually done in a laboratory or hospital— the last place we think of when we want to have a good night’s sleep. But don’t fret, because we can facilitate your PSG at home or in a hotel!

PSG can detect almost all sleep disorders. With the supervision of our sleep technicians in a nearby room, this overnight sleep study will record brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movements, and more. It’s perfectly safe and non-obstructive.

You will receive the results of your test in 5 working days.

Portable Sleep vs Full Sleep Test


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