FAQs – Questions on CPAP Devices & Sleep Tests

FAQs – Questions on CPAP Devices & Sleep Tests

A sleep test is a safe, painless and simple evaluation of your sleep. A board-certified sleep specialist will later review the data recorded while you are sleeping.

A full sleep test detects a wide range of sleep disorders and is medically prescribed for those who have co-occurring medical conditions such as uncontrollable high-blood pressure, diabetes, lungs or heart diseases. A portable sleep test detects only sleep apnea for an otherwise healthy individual.

Yes, you need a doctor’s order or prescription. If you’re looking for a doctor, we can recommend one near you. See our network of medical doctors.

You have the option of having a sleep test performed in the comfort of your own home, a hotel or in our partner hospitals.

See our test preparation procedure. We’ll also send you this through email or Viber once you’ve booked a sleep test.

During a portable sleep test, temporarily remove the oximeter. During a full sleep test, wave a hand to notify the sleep technicians. They will disconnect the sensor wires, so you may get up from bed.

Yes, for a portable sleep test. No, for a full sleep test. If your bed partner doesn’t snore, she may sleep in the same room but in a separate bed.

For a portable sleep test, start and end time will follow your natural sleeping hours. 

For a full sleep test, we’ll follow a routine. Check-in and set up time start at 8PM, lights-off at 9PM. If we detect a sleep disorder, which happens around 12 MN, we will hook you on a sleep therapy device. The procedure will continue and end at 6AM the next day.  If you don’t have a sleep disorder, you will be left sleeping until you wake up on your own.

Ask us to book you a slot tonight if it’s available. However, a portable sleep test can be reserved within 2 days, while a full sleep test can be reserved within 2 weeks.

Ask us for the sleep test charges. Payment is due before the portable monitor is left with you for the portable sleep test. Meanwhile, payment is due the morning after a full sleep test.

Results are available within 3 working days for a portable sleep test and within 7 working days for a full sleep test. 

Sleep test is paid out-of-pocket in most cases. Ask directly with your choice hospital for PhilHealth or your company’s HR for HMO benefits.

You will have to get into CPAP therapy right away. For this, you will need a CPAP machine and a CPAP mask. We’ll guide you in using the machine and fitting the mask. Before we can do this, we’ll need to see either your doctor’s prescription or your sleep study results.

Take a picture of the prescription and send the image through Viber, FB messenger or email. For the sleep study results, you may just send the interpretation section, typically located in the front or at the back pages.

CPAP, APAP, BPAP—generally called “CPAP”— are devices that blow pressurized air into your airway to unblock it so that oxygen can reach your body during sleep. Your prescription will say which device is right for you.

CPAP is a lifelong therapy and it’s not a cure. CPAP is the most effective treatment for sleep apnea. 

A machine comes with a six-foot hose, power cord, filter and manuals. A mask is separate from the machine. However, you may choose to include a mask together with a machine and receive a discounted total price.

We can visit your home or work office to demo the machines and fit the masks. We can also do this online through Viber, FB Messenger or any video conferencing apps. You may also see some of our instructional videos online. Once you receive the machine of your own, it’s ready to use. CPAP settings as written on your doctor’s prescription are already done by us.

Entry level CPAPs are the most affordable. Philips Respironics CPAPs are the most popular and have additional comfort features. Travel friendly CPAPs are the smallest in size and can operate on a handy battery.

Yes, but only for certain brands. Try a CPAP for about 3 days or more if you feel like you need more time to experience it. We encourage though that you buy a mask for hygienic purposes

Yes, but only for certain brands. The minimum rental period is 2 weeks. We encourage though that you buy a mask for hygienic purposes. CPAP is a lifelong use, so you’ll eventually need to own a CPAP machine.

Our machines have warranty of 2 years.

In 3 easy steps, you should be able to clean your CPAP accessories–the mask, tubing, humidifier chamber and filter. First, dilute liquid mild soap in a basin or pail. (Do not use soap with bleach, alcohol, conditioner and moisturizer.) Soak all items in the diluted water but wash each one at a time. Second, rinse thoroughly with running water. Third, let sit in an open room. (Do not dry them directly under the sun.)

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Clean your mask daily; tubing, humidifier and filter weekly; headgear for the mask monthly. 

Replace the water in humidifier daily and use only distilled water. Replace filters every 6 months. Your CPAP and its parts should last long with proper cleaning and care.

It takes about 2 weeks to get used to the therapy. We’re here to help you during this period. We have some tips though. First, try wearing your CPAP mask even when not preparing for sleep— for example, while watching TV or while lying down. Next, have a positive attitude about this. The health benefits the CPAP therapy brings will outweigh any short-term inconvenience.

First, you’ll notice that you won’t be sleepy during the day. Next, you’ll feel your energy improved, blood pressure under control and drowsiness while driving or bored reduced. Last, to know for real, you can have your compliance data read.

Ask us how you can send the data recorded and stored in the SD card of your machine. From the data, we’ll create a report that shows information relevant to your therapy including hours of use and number of sleep apnea events that may still occur during your CPAP therapy. Ask your doctor how often your SD card should be read.