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ResMed AirFit™ P30i with Headgear Standard Starter Pack


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o Top-of-the-head tube & swivel for an open field of view
o Soft, springfitframe provides a custom fit comfort
o Dual wall pillows combine support &comfort
o Easy to put on & take off. Easy to maintain.

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Brand:: ResMed


ResMed’s innovative AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask features a top-of-the-head tube design, a soft hollow tubed frame, and dual wall nasal pillows so you can sleep comfortably in any position, including your side or stomach. This Starter Kit includes the complete P30i mask with headgear and multiple cushions so you can find your best fit right out of the box.

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Top-Of-The-Head Tube & Swivel for an Open Field of View
One of the most unique features of the AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask is its top-of-the-head tubing connection with 360 swivel. Because your sleep therapy tube attaches at the crown of the head it is always out sight and out of the way, providing you with a clear field of view for reading, watching TV, or getting close to your bed partner. The 360 swivel means the tubing can always be channeled behind you… it’s never in your face, and it doesn’t weigh you down like more traditional tubing connections!

Soft, Springfit Frame Provides a Custom Fit
The AirFit P30i’s soft, silicone SpringFit Frame stretches and flexes, adapting to
movement during the night to provide a stable, personalized fit even for the most
active sleepers. Air flows through the frame to the quick-release elbow at the top

of the head so it easy to disconnect and reconnect tubing if you need to get up at
night. Frame wraps are included on the P30i so soft fabric touches your face
rather than hard plastic or silicone.

Dual Wall Pillows Combine Support & Comfort
ResMed’s AirFit P30i Dual Wall Pillows slide gently into the nostrils with a soft
outer wall for comfort and a secure inner wall for support. The next-generation
QuietAir vent on the front of the pillow significantly diffuses airflow exhaust for a
truly peaceful night’s sleep.

Easy to Put On & Take Off. Easy to Maintain
The P30i is designed to slide quickly on and off to make your bedtime routine easier. The headgear attaches attaches and adjusts with convenient soft velcro at the back of the head; and because of the single strap design it’s great for a variety
of men’s and women’s hairstyles. With just three parts to clean the AirFit P30i is
easy to maintain as well.

Sized to Fit
P30i Nasal Pillows are available in three sizes to fit a wide range of users. This
Starter Pack includes multiple sizes so you can find your best fit. For added
customization P30i masks are available with two different frame sizes.

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Q.Why is the AirFit P30i mask cushion made from silicone material?
A.Most CPAP masks have silicone cushions because it’s a hypoallergenic material that’s soft, lightweight and allows for a stable, comfortable seal on your face while you’re sleeping. It’s important that you decide what’s most comfortable for you and your therapy when it comes to your mask cushion. If you experience skin irritation or are uncomfortable with your current mask, contact your CPAP equipment store to let them know so you can try a different mask.

o 1 Airfit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear Starter Pack

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