APEX Ms. Wizard 230 with Headgear Fit Pack


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o Customized seal fit to your nasal structure
o Quick release tube connection
o Quick release swivel allows for easy detach
o Includes 5 nasal pillow sizes (XS, S, M)

5 in stock

5 in stock

Brand:: APEX


Designed for women, the Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is soft, lightweight, and offers minimal touchpoints for additional comfort.

No Return, No Exchange Policy applies.

Designed especially for female CPAP users, the APEX Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal pillow mask has a lavender colored headgear and includes an XS small pillow in the sizing kit. The mask feels very light on the face and provides a comfortable fit while allowing a clear line of vision. It ensures that the therapy air is delivered through the nose only.

Apex Medical has been manufacturing masks that ease the CPAP therapy for patients and with the introduction of Ms. Wizard 230, it has taken a step further and also offers a brush cleaner to help users with cleaning the cushion insert.

The Wizard 230 Mask features nasal pillows that adjust to the position of your nose. The base is made from a soft material that reduces the discomfort while the mask rubs against your face.

The Wizard?s headgear doesn?t make much contact with the cheeks. It wraps around your face and the side straps establish a secure connection between the crown-shaped headgear and nasal pillow cushion.

The Ms. Wizard 230 package includes a cleaning brush for user convenience and ensuring hassle-free mask usage. It has a tube retaining hook atop the headgear which gives the option to allow the short tube to be at the top or behind your bed or just let it hang freely. The end of the tube includes a quick release swivel that allows easy attachment and detachment of the mask within no time.

Includes all cushion sizes (XS, S, M).

No Return, No Exchange Policy applies

Net Weight Appox.: 0.5 kg
Acceptable Therapy Pressure 4 – 20 cmH2O

o 1 Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear Fit Pack. Includes all cushions sizes (XS, S, M)

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