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ResMed AirFit™ N30i with Headgear Starter Pack


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o Secure Seal With Minimum Bulk
o Light- Weight Hollow Frame
o Fewer Facial Touchpoints
o Too-of-the-Head Hose Connection


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Brand:: ResMed


Registering at only 24 decibels, the ResMed AirFit™ N30i Nasal Mask is considered quieter than a whisper. Using comfortable hollow-frame tubing in tandem with a top-mounted hose connection to deliver your therapy air, the AirFit™ N30i is engineered to move with even the most active sleepers while maintaining a secure seal.

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AirFit™ N30i Nasal Mask Features and Benefits:
. Secure Seal With Minimum Bulk
. Light-Weight Hollow Frame
. Fewer Facial Touchpoints
. Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection
. Custom Sizing

The ResMed AirFit N30i is Ideal For:
. Light Sleepers
. Active Sleepers
. Side Sleepers
. Stomach Sleepers
. If You Are Claustrophobic

Secure Seal with Minimum Bulk
For your seal stability and nightly comfort, the AirFit™ N30i nasal mask has a curved
nasal cradle that hugs the base of your nose. The AirFit™ N30i seals similarly to a
regular nasal mask with much less unnecessary coverage.

A dreamy bonus? Interchange the frame of the AirFit™ N30i with the frame of the

Hollow Frame Minimizes Touchpoints on Your Face for Fewer Facial
Unlike a traditional nasal mask, the flexible and modern design of the AirFit N30i
mask features a hollow frame design that allows therapy air to flow through the
frame, eliminating the need for any extra tubing or bulk in the front of your face. To
help you find a more personalized fit, the AirFit N30i springfit frame adapts to your
face shape with an included built-in notching system (which is also helpful for a
CPAP machine with multiple users with different facial profiles) to give you the
flexibility to increase or decrease the size easily.

Top-of-the-Head Hose Connection for Freedom to Move
With active sleepers in mind, the AirFit N30i boasts a 360-degree hose
connection swivel to allow for more movement throughout the night. Don’t lose any
more sleep over tangled tubing and mask leaks-the AirFit N30i maintains your
movement without compromising your comfort.

Custom Sizing: Find Your Perfect Nasal Pillow Fit With the Starter Pack
Your fit is unique to you choose a frame in standard or small, which both include
options for a small, medium, and small-wide cushion size

Weight 0.4Kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 10cm

Q.How do I clean my mask and how often should I clean it?
A.You should clean the cushion daily. The headgear, frame and elbow only require weekly cleaning. Facial oil and dirt can easily build up on your mask parts when they’re not cleaned properly, which can lead to skin irritation. The good news? Cleaning your mask doesn’t take long, so working it into your morning routine should be a breeze.

Time it takes: 5 minutes
Supplies you’ll need to clean your mask:
Sink or tub
Warm, drinking-quality water (86°F / 30°C)
Mild or hypoallergenic soap, or baby shampoo
Step-by-step cleaning tips:
Unplug your CPAP device from the power source and disconnect your mask/tubing from your device.
Disassemble your mask:
a. Pull the cushion out from one end of the frame, then out from the other end of the frame.
b. Unfasten the headgear tab from one side and pull it out of the frame, then do the same with the other side.
c. Squeeze the side buttons on the elbow and pull up to release it from the frame.
In the sink, clean your mask parts by gently rubbing (or using a soft-bristle brush) with warm, drinking-quality water and soap. Avoid harsh cleaning products and dish detergents.
Rinse again thoroughly with warm, drinking-quality water.
Place mask components on the towel and allow to air-dry away from direct sunlight

Q.Can I use an ozone device to clean my ResMed mask?
A.Use of ozone may discolor a ResMed mask during the ResMed limited warranty period and that will not be covered. Discoloration of ResMed masks is only covered during the limited warranty period if it occurs upon initial unpackaging.

Q.How often should I replace mask parts and can I sign up for a replacement program?
A.It’s important to take regular care of your CPAP equipment, especially your mask, which can be affected by dirt, oil and residue from your skin. Poorly cleaned CPAP masks can cause discomfort and skin irritation. The last thing we all need is another to-do item, so contact your CPAP equipment store and ask if they have a replacement supply program that you can enroll in to get new supplies on a consistent schedule.

Q.Why is the AirFit N30i mask cushion made from silicone material?
A.Most CPAP masks have silicone cushions because it’s a hypoallergenic material that’s soft, lightweight and allows for a stable, comfortable seal on your face while you’re sleeping. It’s important that you decide what’s most comfortable for you and your therapy when it comes to your mask cushion. If you experience skin irritation or are uncomfortable with your current mask, contact your CPAP equipment store to let them know so you can try a different mask.

o 1 AirFit™ N30i with Headgear Starter Pack

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