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SleepScienzzz Bacterial Filter (DreamStation Auto)


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o Offer high levels of microbial filtration.
o Small and light roundded. Easy to install.
o Low resisitance to flow.

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When a simple and efficient filter is needed, this bacterial filter is a cost effective solution.
Our bacterial filters offer high levels of microbial filtration, coupled with a low resistance to flow.

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The filter membrane is made of a hydrophobic flat non-woven polypropylene material, which has a permanent electrical charge induced during manufacture.

Electrostatic filtration can be likened to magnetism, with opposites attracting each other. Each fiber has an electrostatic positive charge (+) on one side and a negative one (-) on the other.

By effect of their superficial electrostatic charge, bacteria and viruses are attracted to oppositely charged sites on the fibers and trapped within the filter membrane.

Small and light rounded, these filters are easy to handle and minimise pressure and torque on patient.


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