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Breas Qtube Replacement Kits (Z2 Auto CPAP)


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o Reduces noise
o Enhance therapy
o Easy to replace

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Brand:: Breas


We have you covered when it comes to extending the life of the Q-Tube Muffler. Equipped with all the essential pieces that are needed to replace the components that will wear out over time, you will never have to worry when that time arrives as you will be fully equipped to replace as needed.

No Return, No Exchange Policy applies.

The Q-tube utilizes foam material and for it to be effective during use, you will want to make sure it is completely dry.

It is best recommended to replace these parts after 14-30 days of continually usage or when deterioration is evident for the foam the device to ensure a heightened overall effectiveness of the Q-Tube.

Please note: the Q-Tube is not compatible with the Airmini Travel CPAP. It is compatible with all other standard CPAP, BiPAP devices.

There is no washing involved however it should be replaced between 14-30 days of continued usage.

o The Qtube Replacement Kit contains the replacement foam, O ring and plastic wrap for the Qtube In-Line Muffler


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