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o Heated humidifier
o Low noise (<29 dB)
o 5 levels of temperature & humidity
o Real-time high-precision sensors
o Stores 2 years of data

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6 in stock



The better CPAP.
Higher performance. Greater comfort.
Widely used in Europe.
Quiet as a drizzle of rain ( <29 dB).
Remote monitoring.
Includes a humidifier and a basic CPAP mask (medium).
This device delivers continuous positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in patients weighing over 30kg. Its meant for home use and in a hospital environment.

No Return, No Exchange Policy applies.

2 years service warranty
1-year warranty for parts replacements

Non-Toxic 100% Safe Material
The Smart BiPAP machine is made of food-grade PC materials. The foam uses a different material than what is used in Philips? recalled machines. To ensure that every breath is safe and healthy.

With the high-performance motor, the machine blows air just like the soft wind. Providing patients a more gentle treatment experience while ensuring the therapeutic effect.

Ideal for COPD, OSA, CSA Treatment
Smart BiPAP Machine is designed for patients with breathing difficulties including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and CSA (central sleep apnea). This machine helps those patients who can?t tolerate CPAP machines or have elevated carbon dioxide levels in their blood. It can also come with a backup respiratory rate for patients who have central sleep apnea. The backup respiratory rate ensures the person breathes, as the main problem with central sleep apnea is initiating breath.

Vt?Real-time tidal volume, in ml
RR: Real-time Respiration rate, in times/min
MV: Real-time minute ventilation, in L/min
LK: Real-time air leakage, in L/min

ST Mode for Most of COPD Patients
A backup rate (breaths per minute (BPM)) can be set in S/T Mode. When the user’s spontaneous respiratory rate is higher than the backup rate, the ventilator works in S mode. If the user’s spontaneous respiratory rate falls below the backup rate, the device will be triggered to work in T mode.

Auto-S Mode for Patients with Severe Snoring
Automatically adjusts pressure in response to flow limitation, snore and apneas. Min EPAP and Max IPAP restrict the delivered pressure range. With low exhalation resistance, this mode is suitable for those users with high-pressure requirements, especially for patients with severe snoring and obesity.

Advanced Humidity and Temperature Control for Optimal Breathing Comfort
In some cases, people wearing the BiPAP machine may feel uncomfortable when the indoor temperature is low and resulting in rain-out (an uncomfortable condition in which humidified air cools too quickly and condenses in your mask, becoming water droplets that dampen your face).
Now with the Smart BiPAP Machine, the humidity and temperature control settings provide the best protection against rain-out. The heated tube will maintain a certain temperature (16?-30? adjustable) so that the warm and wet air that comes out from the humidifier will not condense when passing through the tube.
With 5 gears adjustable humidity level, keep every breath away from dryness. Effectively improve the user experience and reduce the occurrence of rhinitis.

Track the Sleep Data
After the machine is connected to wifi, users can check their sleep report through the App, which includes usage time, therapy mode, IPAP, EPAP, average leak, AHI, etc. And the App will generate a comprehensive sleep score based on the patient’s data and behavior.

Superior Data Management
The BiPAP machine can comprehensively monitor treatment data, such as pressure, air leakage, apnea, snoring, and analyze different types of respiratory events during treatment. These data can help assess the effect of treatment and also help check the cause of maladjustment during treatment. All the data will be saved on the SD card.

Intelligent Respiratory Events Detection
The real-time high-precision sensors working with the i-Sense technology can capture every subtle respiration airflow change accurately and delivery the optimal treatment pressure dynamically. Intelligently identify various respiratory events as below:

AHI (Apnea?Hypopnea Index)
FL (Flow Limitation)
AI (Apnea Index)
HI (Hypopnea Index)
CSA (Central Sleep Apnea)
CSR (Cheyne-Stokes Respiration)
PB (Periodic Respiration)

User-Friendly LCD Display
The Bipap Machine comes with a simple interface. Information on treatment, Settings, and reports can be easily seen at a glance, and more than 90 percent of the items can be operated by turning the dial button, making it easy to operate even for the first use.

Integrated Heated Humidifier
One of the most common complaints of BiPAP users is dried airways and dry mouth. The heated humidifier is integrated to provide the best comfort levels for BiPAP therapy and is easy to clean.

Fall Asleep Faster with Ramp Setting
The ramp is a setting that allows the machine to start at a lower pressure and then gradually increase the pressure over a set period. The beginning of the ramp, with lower pressure, may make it easier to fall asleep. Once patients have set the ramp, the pressure can be increased to the range that is needed to keep their upper airway from collapsing during sleep.

Accurate and Real-Time Leak Compensation
The air leaked from the mask may cause the BiPAP machine to misjudge the patient is inhaling, leading the device to trigger out of sync with the patient. Smart BiPAP Machine employs adaptive leak baseline adjustment technology to reduce the pressure loss due to leaks and to ensure reliable breathing detection is synchronized with patient breathing.
Leak in the air vent
The leak in the air vent is in order to discharge the exhaust gas inside the mask. It’s a normal situation.
Difference between IPAP and EPAP
Automatic monitoring of leak during each breath
Mask shift
Adjust the tightness of the headband and the wearing angle of the mask.

Pressure:4-30 cmH2O
Pressure Release:SAP
Humidifier:Five-level control of temperature and humidity
Humidifier Preheating: Humidifier can be preheated for 1 hour in advance
Smart Start/Stop:Automatically start/stop therapy
Data Management:2 years of sleeping data,14 days of detailed data for clinical/medical research
Respiratory Event Record: AHI, AI, HI, FL, SNORE, LEAK, CSA, CSR, PB

Real-time Treatment Parameters Monitor
Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate,
Minute Ventilation, Leakage

Storage and Transportation Conditions:
Temperature: -20~55 ?C
Humidity: 10~93%,non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa
Size: 405x290x140mm
Qty: 1pc, N.W: 2.6kg G.W.: 3.2kg

2 years service warranty
1 year warranty for parts replacements

Q.How can I get into the Clinical Setting Menu?
A.Select Setup option in the main interface, then long-press the dial and the Ramp button simultaneously for 3 seconds at least and then enter clinical setting interface. The pressure value, therapy mode and other advanced settings can be adjusted here.

Q.How to connect the machine to wifi?
A.Please operate as below:
1. Please rotate the Dial button to switch menu as below:
Home page–Setup–User Setting–One Shot Configuration
2. When One Shot Configuration is selected and turns blue, long press the Ramp button, it will search the wifi signal and list.
3. Choose the right wifi and enter the password. Once the WiFi is connected, the wifi icon will be shown on the top menu.

Q.How to connect to the App?
A.Please operate as below:
1. Connect Wifi
Connect the machine to wifi first.
2. APP installation
Please search ?iHypnusCare? in the APP Store/Google Play and download.
3. Register
Please register with a real phone number for the first time and fill-in the verification code.
Then scan the SN on the bottom of PAP device.
3. Login
After the register, please login.
4. Report
You can see the Sleep Report with Sleep Score and diagram.

Q.How to get my sleep report?
A.You can get your sleep report in three ways:
1. On the machine
Select and enter information menu via Dial button to view user?s sleep data report in a certain period.
2. Via the APP
Please search ‘iHypnusCare’ in the APP Store/Google Play and download. Register with a real phone number and log in. You can see the Sleep Report with Sleep Score and diagram.
3. Via the PC software
Please download the PC software ‘Hypnus Analyzer’ (download the PC software) and import the data from the SD card to get the detailed sleep report.

Q.What is the foam insulation made of?
A.The Hypnus PAP machines are made of completely safe materials. The foam uses a different material than what is used in Philips? recalled machines. We would like to assure our customers that user safety is always our top priority.

Q.Will it work with nasal masks?
A.Our machines are compatible with all the BPAP masks you can see in the market including nasal pillows, nasal masks, full face masks, with the ONLY EXCEPTION of masks for ResMed AirMini.

Q.Can it be used without water?
A.Yes it CAN. PAP device users usually like to use the humidifier though. If you don?t need any water please do not fill water into the tank.

o 1 Hypnus Auto CPAP Machine,
o 1 CPAP tubing,
o 1 Micro SD Card,
o 1 Filter start pack,
o 1 Carrying case,
o 1 basic CPAP mask (medium).

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